Preview: Moscow '41

Re-fight the single most important campaign of World War 2 in this medium complexity wargame, using wooden blocks for "fog of war."

War, what is it good for?  Gaming should be the only answer. One of my fondest memories is playing Avalon Hill's Stalingrad, I still have a copy, when I was 13. I knew nothing about the history and playing the game raised my curiosity level.  I studied books, watched movies and really got to understand the conflict.

And I don't think I did half the work these guys have done.  This is not their first game, or even their first Kickstarter, so expectations are high.  I think any expectations have been met or exceeded already. The amount of care put in to every bit is obvious.

Look at all the stuff you get in the box! And I don't think the picture does it justice.  The bits are wood blocks, a huge plus over plastic,

In any battle, but in particular this one, there is a lot going on!  Many units and supply lines, with a really huge front line. From the looks of the game, they have managed to break things down into manageable pieces.

Of course there are the usual stretch goals.  I'm always happy to see these and grow concerned when I don't. They have them and they look great.

What you'll also find is a long list of add-ons.  That makes me even happier.  The stretch goals are all very cool, they add to the quality of the game. The add-ons add to the value of the game as well as they extend the usefulness.  By that I mean, you can have the board mounted, which can make the game last longer in your garage.

One add-on I really appreciate, they'll put the 147 stickers on the blocks. Talk about a time saver and I'll bet I'm not the only one with big fingers that hates tiny stickers.

I could go on and on about how this game just reeks of experience game publishing, but instead I suggest you click the Kickstarter link below and see for yourself.

Be sure to back this game at the level that adds the shipping for you, much easier than them reminding you.

I highly recommend this game and suggest that you click the link below to do as I did and back this game.

Be sure to come back and check out our review when the game ships in September of 2016.

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