Preview: Pirate Republic

Pirate across the New World to forge empires & seize power from European imperialists in this 1713 board game adventure for 2-4 players.

First things first, the game is not from 1713, its SET in 1713.  Everything about this game screams 2016, great art, lots of components, (read that as fiddly bits), lots of stretch goals and of course, pirates.

This is a completely co-operative game... no its not, you're a pirate!

You work together with the other players, to work against the big powers of the region.  But remember, there can only be one pirate at the end of the game.  There's lots to love about this game, clearly the designers thought through all of our expectations when you think pirates and a 4X game, (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate).

The map looks beautiful and as much as we stare at the cards, the board is the main attraction from a distance. Movement is guided through the use of regions on the map, which can either speed up, or greatly slow down game play.

There are special dice, a vast number of cards, that represent both the captain and the crew.  Speaking of the crew, you're not stuck with what you get, you can improve them along the way.  Thats almost a RPG feel to it, which makes the game more fun as you play.

Of course there's an RPG element... you're a pirate!

There really is a lot here to take in, and I can't say that the campaign explains it all. That's not a negative for the game, that's just telling you that campaign page might seem a bit lite to you.  There are some other previews, inferior to this blog of course, but still have some information.

There are some cool stretch goals, and I'm sure they've been updated since I started writing this preview.  You'll have to look at the campaign page to get the latest information on those goals. Right now the campaign is struggling, and I have to think that's because of the briefly of the page, as well as this being a first attempt with Kickstarter. They could use your help to get the word or for sure.

One thing I missed, how do you win?

Please don't tell me that winning takes courage... of course it does, you're a pirate!!

One thing we always like to see in board game campaigns, when the creators post the rules.  While all rules should be considered in Beta or in many cases, Alpha, it gives you real insight into how the game works and the level of difficulty.

I think this game has a lot of thought behind it, I said that already, and that makes for a great themed product.

You should do as I have done and back this project on Kickstarter... but wait a bit... no, don't wait... you're a pirate!!!

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